Welcome to the PEAK Adventure Travel Group, the world's largest adventure travel company.

PEAK is a global collection of specialist tour operators and destination management companies.

All businesses within PEAK are committed to ensuring that our travellers enjoy the best experiential holiday available & travel in a responsible way that is kind to the communities we visit and the environment.

PEAK Adventure Travel

PEAK Adventure Travel was formally created on April 4, 2011, however its heritage dates back to the 70's and 80's and the very earliest days of adventure travel. Within PEAK are some of the world's oldest adventure travel companies - and some of the newest. Collectively, we aim to share our experience, build on our passion and create extraordinary travel experiences that have travellers coming back to us for decades to come.

PEAK has a number of specialist adventure tour operator businesses within the group. Each of these businesses offer a product range specific to the niche market or demographic they serve. Please see the "Our brands" section for detail.

PEAK also manages a number of Destination Management Companies in leading adventure destinations around the world. These DMC's provide an unparalleled level of experience and service to adventure travel businesses around the world. Please see the "Our services" section for detail.

Collectively, PEAK take over 350,000 clients every year from 50 different source markets. We operate adventure holidays in over 100 different countries, with several thousand different itineraries, covering a multitude of styles and market segments. Our turnover exceeds US$400 million and we have over 2.000 dedicated and passionate staff members to make it all happen! We are the worlds leading Adventure travel company.

PEAK is about growth. We recognise that today's traveller is more experienced and sophisticated than in the past, and they are seeking a more engaging and adventurous holiday than before. PEAK will be building upon our current tour operating businesses and Destination Management Companies to cater the needs of today's - and tomorrow's - traveller. We will develop new capabilities and new products, commence new businesses and raise the bar on responsible tourism standards.

PEAK is an independent business with a management team that has over 50 years experience in adventure travel. Our shareholders are TUI Travel plc and the original founders of Intrepid Travel.